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The Roc by RevolverWinds
The Roc
A mythic bird that roosts at the world's center. So enormous was its wingspan that its flight eclipsed the sun.

Today it's speculated the Roc's legend originates in the extinct feathered giants of Madagascar. These flightless birds were the last hooray for the prehistoric genus Gastornis. That would make the Roc more akin to the dodo than the eagle, hence the pheasant like physiology of the depicted.  

This design is a concept for our game 'Where They Cremate the Roadkill'. Visit the Kickstarter here 
Strength Tarot by RevolverWinds
Strength Tarot
'A body without a head is a friendly thing.'

The above card is derived from the world of Where They Cremate the Roadkill. An experimental RPG currently in the throes of its Kickstarter campaign. The whole deck from which this card belongs is available as a reward for backers.

Please visit the project's Kickstarter HERE

Two years have culminated in this gambit and we'd be grateful for your support. 
Where They Cremate the Roadkill by RevolverWinds
Where They Cremate the Roadkill
 Stirred from trickster myths and early folk tales Where They Cremate the Roadkill is an action RPG featuring a fool on an outing to make their fortune where fortune has no foot hold. With an arrest warrant for the Devil they step out into a world where even the land is in conspiracy against you. To succeed they'll have to play a careful game or they'll be the next card to enter their adversary's hand.

Where They Cremate the Roadkill contains an open fully animated world with real-time combat populated by over 300 unique creatures(all of which can be destroyed by the player). Learn subversive spells that allow the player to perform occult miracles, destroy enemies, warp reality and prank the public. Bring to life an army of animate objects, turn people into flies and pigs, summon exiled spirits for conversation and cast love spells on the hapless town folk. 

Back the project's Kickstarter HERE

I'd be grateful for your support. I know we'll get by with a little help from our friends. The above art was painted by Shaina Nodlund and is from the game's tarot deck. 
The Stupid Thing by RevolverWinds
The Stupid Thing
A self-satisfied muse of ignorance overseeing the whole of human affairs. Unhindered by the burden of true learning this creature dictates all popular opinions and fashions. An intimate friend to anyone who mistakes audacity for veracity, obscurity for sagacity and riches for worth.

Enthroned as the absolute authority by collective interests the Stupid Thing's word is the last in any matter and his decision is incontrovertible. Any monetary currencies exchanged in this world are nothing more than the pressed and minted droppings of this Jabberwock. 
  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: a duck's echo
  • Reading: a-z
  • Watching: for pigs on a wing
  • Playing: sleeved cards
  • Eating: an inverted food pyramid
  • Drinking: on the job
-A Collagist Manifesto-

If art is dead remix is its rebirth! Collage is not insemination, but reanimation. Its tools of production having more in common with those of Jack the Ripper than the fey artist. In the circle of life of the creative world collage artists are the endearing scavengers. We scour the public domain like circling vultures, and exhume from its tombs matter to piecemeal our frankensteins. Our resource constituency comprises obsolete adverts, morbid medical texts, bone atlases, and zoographic curios. Consequently, bone and exposed flesh are kindred to collage artists as they are our familiar inheritance, and it is mostly from these elements that I composed my creations.


For the last two years I have toiled at a concept game utilizing collage and pixel art in tandem as its center aesthetic. Titled 'Middens' the premise follows the explorations of an enigmatic space rift quartered out of discarded sectors of God's universe. Now nearly complete the expected release will be the summer of next year.  

Press and Publications

Interview with Khuan Tru:…

The second issue of the celebrated 'Abraxas Journal' featuring my artwork is available for purchase:

I now have a neglected Behance profile:

And lastly; a Tumblr:

"As I went walking
Out on the highway
I saw a sign
That said "no trespassing"
But on the other side
It didn't say nothing
This land was made for you and me"
--Woody Guthrie--


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Now with more sodium!
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blacktealover Featured By Owner 4 days ago
your techniques, themes and imagery is very interesting! congratulations!
RevolverWinds Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
Thank you sir. 
ErikTheBell Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Great to see all this work from you guys, I just wish I could help back your game, but I'm in a complicated situation of having moved country, the banks here not allowing me to have a debit account and my old one being locked down from that Origin FIFA hacking thing :T
Absolutely greatest luck to you and it looks like you'll blast through your goal with ease, many congrats on simply getting as much work as you have already; the game industry would be so much better if there were more people like you  =O
RevolverWinds Featured By Owner 6 days ago
No problem. Thank you for having us in your thoughts! Best of wishes to you Erik. Meow :3 
Zastie Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
While I'm not sure why your art was submitted in the Yume Nikki-related club, I'm really glad it did. XD Your stuff is immensely fascinating, and Where They Cremate the Roadkill looks intriguing. Eagerly looking forward to seeing more. :) (Smile) 
RevolverWinds Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
Thanks and love!
RevolverWinds Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
DouglasHumphries Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
my pleasure !
ShadowFox777 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014   General Artist
Thank you for the favorite.. I'm flattered..
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